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Cold Nose
Warm Heart

A great shop in Palm Springs, CA. They have really beautiful I.D. tags you can order online.

My professional organization. A fantastic resource when searching for a dog professional.

This is where Shane was from. They are an extremely well-run rescue, with links to other breed rescues.

This organization certifies dogs for Pet Therapy work. If you are considering volunteering with your dog, there is a lot of useful information on their site.

This company makes handmade, all-natural dog treats in Boston. They have several that are “training” size. I use the hormone free, grain free duck treats. Shane strongly endorses them!

“You can have the dog you thought you brought home.”

In-Home Dog Training

Planet Dog is an eco-friendly, socially responsible company that guarantees their creative, non-toxic dog toys. They are fun, durable, and you can hide treats in them for an extra challenge!

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A small scale, family owned boarding facility in CT where dogs get lots of personal attention. The floors are even heated in the winter!