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“You can have the dog you thought you brought home.”

In-Home Dog Training

“It is difficult to determine whether Jena is a dog trainer or a people trainer! 

We adopted our one year old "rescue" dog from Texas and, having had other dogs, thought we were starting with a good basic personality but wanted our Bella to adjust properly to her new home and family.  We didn't know what to expect. 

Jena's approach is different -- it is individually tailored and she worked with us in our home.  She spent much of her first visit understanding us and evaluating Bella in her home environment.  We learned so much about dog behavior and thinking that helped us tremendously throughout the training.

Jena taught us to be consistent no matter how frustrating it was at times; to build positive behavior from Bella's natural behavior and instincts; and, to just play and have fun with our dog. 

We have to step back now and reflect on the dog we first brought through the door and the one we have now just 6 months later -- confident; obedient; a "controllable" squirrel chaser; and, a pleasure to take for a walk. 

Training with Jena was the best investment we could have made for us and our dog's future.”

Linda Houston and

Michael Carabello, Percussionist

Original founding member of SANTANA


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